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7 Easy tips to manage & reduce waste at the jobsite

We are constantly striving to reduce waste as homebuilders. It is imperative that we build smartly and effectively when we construct houses. Part of this is managing the waste that is created. I tell my children that a job is not complete until the site has been cleaned up and the tools have been put away. This small nugget of fatherly wisdom applies to our professional construction sites also.

When a crew is installing their piece of the puzzle: framers framing, plumbers plumbing, painters painting and electricians... ummm electrifying!? Each trade creates different amounts of waste and different categories - hazardous, degradable, recyclable, etc. All of this waste, regardless of category needs to be managed.

Here are 7 tips that we use on every job site to control and safely manage & reduce waste:

  1. Clean daily - do not let waste and trash pile up, at the end of the day a little minor clean up can save tons of time when the project is done.

  2. Clean Between Trades - when the framer is finished it is time for the roofers to dry in the frame. Framers should have all of their waste in bins and cleaned off of homesite before they leave. When the roofers show up, in this example, the site is ready for them and a clean site upon arrival promotes cleanliness from the next trade.

  3. Proper Bins and Placement - different types of waste go in different bins. For example - you can not put masonry waste in dumpsters to waste and disposal considerations. Make sure you are putting your waste in the proper spots for disposal.

  4. Responsibility - Each trade we hire is professional and understand that they are responsible for their waste and proper disposal. Although after a long day of building these beautiful houses it is easy to walk away and "get to cleaning up tomorrow." As the general contractor we hold our trades responsible for proper placement of waste.

  5. Minimize Waste - We strive to have a "cutter" on site for framers, pipers, plumbers and more. One person on the ground making cuts and handing the cut wood or pipe up to the install crews allows better management of raw materials. We've seen reductions in waste by more than 10% using this methodology.

  6. Empty the Trash Bin - A trash bin and placement directions for waste are a great start. What happens if the bin fills up? Just like at home, users (my kids) try to shove more in and start stacking waste beside the bin. But when the bin is empty there are no more excuses.

  7. Silt Fence - Use it! this is a simple, cost effective way to manage your run off and wind blown trash.

We strive to keep our sites clean for neighbors, customers and the community as a whole. use these tips and you can too! Let's do this! - Mighty JC

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